Virginia Amputee Fact Sheet

State Outlook

The Amputee Coalition will be continuing efforts to strengthen Insurance Fairness for Amputees in 2019. Delegate Danica Roem (D-13) has agreed to once again champion Insurance Fairness. Currently, HB2669 is being considered before the Health Insurance Reform Commission. We are actively seeking advocates to support efforts to pass the legislation.

Legislative Activity

Prior to the 2019 introduction, the Virginia State Legislature initially passed Insurance Fairness for Amputee legislation in 2009. SB1116 passed both chambers of the General Assembly unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Tim Kaine (D) on April 8th, 2009. However, it included a provision to exclude myoelectric and microprocessor devices.

Subsequently, an attempts to amend SB1116 was made in 2018 using HB1478 and HB2669 in 2019. HB1478 was introduced and referred to House Commerce and Labor Committee, where it did receive consideration, but was defeated. HB2669 was considered by the same committee, but was instead referred to the Health Insurance Reform Commission for further consideration.

Prior to both SB 1116 and HB1478’s introduction and consideration, the Virginia General Assembly commissioned the Virginia JLARC Study to study and evaluate the impact of a mandated benefit pertaining to health insurance coverage for prosthetic devices as it relates to coverage provided through Medicare.

State Government Information

The Republican Party controls both chambers of the State Legislature and the Democratic Party controls the Office of the Governor.

Virgnia’s State Legislature works on a two year cycle. Session runs from January until March in the first year and January to February in the second.

The Office of Governor has an election every four years, with the next election taking place in 2021. An individual elected to the Office of the Governor is not limited to the number of terms they can serve. The Governor is responsible for signing legislation into law and granting formal proclamations, such as Limb Loss Awareness Month.

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance is housed in the State Corporation Commission. An independent state board appoints the Commissioner of Insurance to observe the oversight of the insurance industry. The Bureau provides information about insurance coverage and the ability to file a complaint against an insurance provider.

Get Involved

The Amputee Coalition needs support from the limb loss/difference community. If you are interested in aiding our efforts:

Get Involved

The Amputee Coalition needs support from the limb loss/difference community. If you are interested in aiding our efforts:

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