Information for Researchers

The Amputee Coalition (AC) believes in the power of transforming policy and practice for all People with Limb Loss/Limb Difference (PwLL/LD) through robust scientific evidence. As the nation’s leading patient advocacy organization for PwLL/LD, the AC represents patient-defined research priorities by regularly evaluating constituent needs and soliciting community feedback.

Definitions of Research Collaborations

The AC will focus on three types of research collaboration that further important, novel studies and activities that will improve prevention and health outcomes on behalf of the LL/LD community:

  • Research Partnerships are collaborations that involve AC staff in part of the design, implementation, analysis, or write-up of a research study. The AC will act as an equitable partner once entered into a research partnership agreement. For Research Partnerships, applicants will need to submit a Research Partnership Application and include an IRB-approval letter and project proposal.
  • Volunteer Research Opportunities are mechanisms for engaging PwLL/LD in research. AC staff will review and endorse these approved research studies on our organization’s website. For Volunteer Research Opportunities, applicants will need to submit a Volunteer Research Opportunity Application.
  • Letters of Support are used to validate the credibility of research through a third-party testimonial. The AC will consider letters of support requests for researchers who have demonstrated importance and relevance to PwLL/LD in their study proposal. To be considered for a letter of support, all requests must be accompanied by a Letter of Support Request Form and provide either a draft letter or outline containing the specific information that is to be included in the letter.

For more information about our research activities, including the annual update reporting requirements and information about other advertising options please review our Research Collaboration Policies and Procedures.

If any additional guidance is needed, please email