State Outlook

Louisiana has enacted Insurance Fairness for Amputees legislation.

Insurance Fairness History

The Louisiana State Legislature passed Insurance Fairness for Amputee legislation in 2008. House Bill 318 was signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal (R) on June 21st, 2008.

Legislative Information

The Louisiana State Legislature works on a four year cycle and in 2019 will be in the fourth year of their cycle. The 2019 Legislative Session convenes April 8th and will tentatively conclude June 6th. The Louisiana Legislature is able to prefile legislation for the upcoming session until March 29th. Introduction deadlines for the 2019 Legislative Session has been set for April 17th.

Currently, the Republican Party controls both chambers of the State Legislature and the Office of the Governor.

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In order to move forward with other legislative initiatives beyond Insurance Fairness, the Amputee Coalition needs the backing of the limb loss community. We are actively seeking advocates to support or advocacy efforts in Louisiana. Connect with the Amputee Coalition or your insurance company through Amplify, your State Representation and the Louisiana Department of Insurance to express your concern about issues affecting the limb loss community.

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