Workplace Giving Program

You are a leader in your organization. You know your organization can create and promote a successful annual giving campaign in your workplace. We believe it too and will help you to be successful.

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Materials about the Amputee Coalition
  • Provide Amputee Coalition speakers
  • Plan a campaign Kick-Off Event — employees will be able to learn more about Amputee Coalition programs and services

What you need to do:

  • Designate a Charity Champion — this charity advocate is an enthusiastic employee who will be the driving force and primary contact for the giving campaign. Some companies often select an “up & comer” to manage their campaigns and use this as a leadership development exercise.
  • Initiate — talk to your human resources department about the advantages of starting a giving campaign and focusing that program on the Amputee Coalition. Ask HR to implement a new deduction slot in your payroll system for charity giving
  • Set campaign goals — we can assist you with this if needed
  • Develop a plan
  • Develop a timeline — usually one to two months
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate — we can help by providing materials for information booths, handouts, and other visual materials. You should use newsletters, emails and staff meetings to clearly explain the purpose and goals of your giving campaign
  • Kick It Off — Create a compelling kick-off event
  • Promote — Develop a plan to get the word out
  • Activities — Create activities for giving
  • Competition can be positive-Determine if some friendly competition between business units or departments would benefit reaching your campaign goals

Employer Leadership:

  • Support — company leaders need to lead by example and visibly support and endorse the workplace giving program
  • Stimulate Participation & Growth — encourage your employees to contribute by matching their workplace giving contribution

Contact the Amputee Coalition at 888/267-5669 to start your program today.