State Outlook

In order to introduce and pass Insurance Fairness for Amputees legislation, we need people with varying levels of advocacy experience to aid our efforts in an upcoming session. We are actively seeking advocates to show support, contact legislators, or lead the effort in Nebraska.

Legislative Activity

The Nebraska State Legislature has previously introduced Insurance Fairness for Amputees. The most recent introduction took place during the 2009 Legislative Session. Legislative Bill 149 was introduced and referred to the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee. The measure was scheduled for a hearing, but was not heard. It was indefinitely postponed on April 14th, 2010.

Prior to the introduction LB 149, the Nebraska State Legislature commissioned the Nebraska Insurance Fairness Study to study the medical impacts and cost associated with an earlier version of the legislation. The study concluded that the cost would be marginal for insurers to provide the benefit over and above what they are currently covering. Therefore, the cost will vary by insurer and policy and average about a 0.03% to 0.06% increase for commercial insurance policyholders in Nebraska.

State Government Information

The State Legislature is non-partisan and the Republican Party controls the Office of the Governor.

Nebraska’s State Legislature is unicameral and works on a two year cycle. Session runs from January until June in the first year and January until April in the second.

The Office of Governor has an election every four years that coincides with Congressional Mid-Term Elections. The next election will be held in 2022. An individual elected to the Office of the Governor can serve two consecutive terms. The Governor is responsible for signing legislation into law and granting formal proclamations, such as Limb Loss Awareness Month.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance is a state department falling under the executive branch of Nebraska’s government. The Governor appoints the Commissioner of Insurance to observe the oversight of the insurance industry. The Department provides information about insurance payment reforms and the ability to file a complaint against an insurance provider.

Get Involved

The Amputee Coalition needs support from the limb loss/difference community. If you are interested in aiding our efforts:

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