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Amputee Coalition is excited to announce AC Connect, its new online community, is now available for community members! AC Connect is the premier virtual space for connecting the limb loss and limb difference community. AC Connect is a professional network designed to bring people together around a centralized, shared organization-based experience for expansive online collaboration and growth. It is a dedicated online space where the limb loss and limb difference community can connect with each other year-round.

With the AC Connect online community, you can

  • Create real connections
  • Engage with other community members, including medical professionals and AC staff
  • Increase your learning and collaboration
  • Provide feedback on critical issues impacting the limb loss and limb difference community
  • Share resources
  • Increase your volunteer engagement
  • Elevate your voice to advocate for our community
  • Grow your network and social interactions

AC Connect offers a robust platform for ongoing discussions about the latest issues impacting people living with limb loss or limb difference, sharing stories and resources, accessing a community directory, participating in virtual learning sessions, and connecting with special interest groups. One of Amputee Coalition’s key tenets is no amputee alone. To this end, we are committed to building community connections that are long-lasting. AC Connect places you at the heart of our community and provides a space where value is created and shared all in one easily accessible destination available via your mobile device or laptop. AC Connect is all about you. It is your place to continuously learn, develop, a sense of belonging, and gain exposure. AC Connect helps you to connect and easily access your AC community on-demand for support as you navigate living with limb loss or limb difference.

If you are already registered with the Amputee Coalition, you can log in and activate your AC Connect profile today! If this is your first time logging in at AC Connect, use the “Did you forget your password?” link to enter your email address and receive an email containing a link to set your password. If your email isn’t found, you haven’t registered that email with us yet. Register with the Amputee Coalition for free and get exclusive benefits such as access to AC Connect.

Join the Amputee Coalition Access AC Connect

Download or print the AC Connect Quick Start Guide or watch the AC Connect Tutorial video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AC Connect?
    AC Connect is the premier virtual space for connecting the limb loss and limb difference community.
  • When should I use AC Connect?
    The platform is a space for several activities. Use the contacts feature to network with other members. Participate in discussions by sharing and reading Amputee Coalition’s initiatives.  Join groups, such as volunteer groups and the Amputee Coalition Advocacy and National Conference communities.
  • How can I connect with peers on AC Connect?
    Once you’ve logged in and set up your profile (Don’t forget to add a photo so your contacts can recognize you!), simply visit the “Network” option. There you can search for members by their first/last name, company/institution, or email address.
  • Who can access and post content on AC Connect?
    Any AC community member can read and post content on the platform.  Nonmembers may only access content within the Open Forum. To become a community member for free, register with Amputee Coalition.
  • How do I begin to use AC Connect?
    Head to There you can sign up, create a profile (Don’t forget to add a photo!), and automatically join the Open Forum.
  • Why is AC Connect a valuable resource to me?
    AC Connect provides community members a space in which they can collaborate and network with one another to build a robust limb loss and limb difference community, allies, and partners.
  • How do I join or start a community conversation on AC Connect?
    In the top navigation bar of all pages within AC Connect, there is a button in the top left corner which allows you to start a discussion thread. You can also start a discussion within a community at the top of the community homepage. When you start a new discussion thread using the “Create” button, a new window will open which will allow you to select the community that you would like to post in, discussion subject, and your post content. You will only have the option to post in communities to which you are a member. Some communities may be restricted and require administrator approval. Once you join a community, you can select “Post to this discussion” to start a new thread or scroll down to find an existing thread with which you would like to engage. Use the “Reply” buttons within a thread on the right-hand side to interact with the user or other members.
  • Where can I get help to navigate AC Connect?
    You may visit the How-to Guide or Contact Us sections.
  • What features does AC Connect offer?
    Like other social platforms, AC Connect contains similar features such as profiles, contacts, forums and posts. Additionally, Amputee Coalition has added specific communities to address the various, strategic goals and interests of the organization and its members.
  • Is AC Connect easy to navigate?
    Yes! The site functions similarly to platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, with a focus on the sharing of valuable ideas and initiatives between members. Should you need assistance creating an account or navigating the platform, please visit the How-to Guide or Contact Us.


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