Youth Engagement Program (YEP)

Amputee Coalition’s YEP includes life skills resources, education and training, youth camp, workforce development and mentorship. Our vision is to expand our reach to African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Pacific Islanders, and LGBTQ youth and teens with limb loss or limb difference by developing a technology platform to share life skills and training programs, provide mentoring, and a career dashboard for summer job opportunities.

Youth Camp

Youth Camp creates a space for Campers, Leaders In-Training, and Counselors to have fun, connect, and make lifelong friendships, so no one goes through the limb loss or limb difference journey alone. We have exciting activities, including sports, creative arts, and STEM projects.

Life Skills Resources

Our National Limb Loss Resource Center (NLLRC) offers programs and publications designed to help youth return to an active lifestyle and function as productive members of society.

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Education and Training

We seek to grow Youth Lead Advocates who are advocacy volunteers that have undergone specific training about issues facing the limb loss and limb difference community, our policy priorities, and skills to be effective advocates. Amputee Coalition provides additional training and education for Youth Peer Support and Leaders In-Training.

Career Development

The Amputee Coalition’s Workforce Development Program is designed to assist youth participants within the limb loss or limb difference community with transitioning back into the workforce or starting their journey into the workforce. The Workforce Development Program includes programs and services such as assistance with resume and cover letter writing, workshops and webinars on job-related topics, mock interview assistance, and resources for employers on how to diversify their workplace.


Amputee Coalition’s Youth Mentorship Program provides youth amputees with mentors who can develop an emotional bond with the mentee, have greater experience than the mentee, and can provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help youth succeed in life and meet their goals.

With our focus on empowerment, engagement, and advocacy, the YEP highlights the importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We are committed to helping youth and teens with limb loss and limb difference, provide resources, programs, and support for them to achieve their life dreams, and build their leadership skills through our Leaders In-Training programs.

Through YEP, we aim to partner with corporations and foundations to help us engage more youth ages 10-17 in our initiatives focused on leadership development, self‑awareness, job placement, sports, and a healthy lifestyle for youth living with limb loss and limb difference.

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YEP We Can Podcast (Episode 001)


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