Research Partnerships

The Amputee Coalition’s commitment to promoting research that improves the lives of those affected by limb loss and limb difference is reflected in the research partnerships in which we have participated over the years. Below are some current and past examples of these partnerships.

Current Research Partnerships

There are no current Research Partnerships to display.

Past Partnerships

The Amputee Coalition is proud to share the results of the largest survey to date of people with limb loss and limb difference (PwLL/LD). This is the first survey of its kind to address the community’s physical and mental health priorities and challenges often faced when accessing care. These findings will assist the Amputee Coalition with raising awareness and informing priorities to improve the quality of care that PwLL/LD receive.

The Amputee Coalition thanks the more than 1,700 individuals who participated in the survey for the time they devoted over the holiday season and their invaluable contributions to building a broader understanding of the community’s lived experience.

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