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Encuentre recursos educativos dirigidos a aquellos que se enfrentan con la amputación.


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Whether you or someone you know are living with limb loss, our trained resource specialists can guide you to information and resources to help you lead a full life. Call 888/267-5669 for this free service

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You are not alone, and talking to someone living with limb loss or limb difference helps play a vital role in living an empowered life. Connect with support groups, certified peer visitors, or social media sites below

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If you or someone you love has experienced challenges getting prosthetic care we have a tool that can help.

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News and Perspectives

National Conference 2 Movies

Countdown to Conference!

On July 12 we will be holding the opening ceremony for our 2018 National Conference. The Amputee Coalition’s first gatherings occurred in 1986 and numbered fewer ... Read more
2018 Scholastic Scholarship Awards

2018 Scholastic Scholarship Awards

The Amputee Coalition created two scholarships on behalf of Scott Decker and Christina Skoski. Both physicians, they and their families want to help young ... Read more
Alvin "Al" Pike  January 6, 1942 ~ June 14, 2018

Alvin “Al” Pike January 6, 1942 ~ June 14, 2018

A voice for those requiring artistic and humanitarian rehabilitation has been silenced. Al was at the forefront of amputee consumer advocacy through his work ... Read more

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