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At the Amputee Coalition, our mission is to support, educate, and advocate for people who have limb loss and limb difference. We believe that advocacy is necessary to solve problems, but to advocate effectively, we need additional information.

Have you had a recent experience with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials at an airport security checkpoint that wasn’t quite right? Or maybe your experience was phenomenal. We’d like to know! In response to experiences shared by people who have limb loss or limb difference, the Amputee Coalition created the Airport Security Screening Community Feedback survey as an opportunity for the limb loss and limb difference community to share their experience with airport security checkpoints. This survey will remain open throughout the year and feedback collected will be reviewed on a regularly basis by the Amputee Coalition Government Relations team. The information collected in this survey is used by the Amputee Coalition to inform the TSA about people’s experiences with airport security screenings.

The voices of people who have limb loss and limb difference are invaluable for this effort. We hope you will make yours heard by participating in this survey.

Share Your Experience with Airport Security Screenings as an Individual Who Has Limb Loss or Limb Difference Survey (

Survey Results

Cover page: Community Needs Survey2021-2022 Community Survey Results

The Amputee Coalition is proud to share the results of the largest survey to date of people with limb loss and limb difference. This is the first survey of its kind to address the community’s physical and mental health priorities and challenges often faced when accessing care. These findings will assist the Amputee Coalition with raising awareness and informing priorities to improve the quality of care that our members receive.

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