Our Research Priorities

The Limb Loss Task Force was launched in order to establish our Research Priorities and to ensure that they center the voices of our community members. This Task Force consisted of experts on limb loss and limb difference rehabilitation, amputation prevention, prosthetic care, public health, and advocacy. This published white paper summarizes their recommendations.

Roadmap for Improving Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Advocacy

The need for research on amputation care has been underscored by coverage and reimbursement policy decisions made by insurance companies that have restricted access to prosthetic care. Although the existing body of evidence is increasingly used to develop systematic reviews of evidence and clinical practice guidelines, the quantity and quality of scientific evidence available to advocate for policy changes is often limited. Recognizing how limitations in the evidence related to limb loss care and rehabilitation can adversely impact the quality of life of individuals with limb loss, the Amputee Coalition and the National Limb Loss Resource Center convened a fourth Limb Loss Task Force to address these issues.