Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) Program

No one is potentially in a better position to understand about living life with an amputation or supporting a person with limb loss/difference than someone who has been there. An experienced, well-trained peer can offer encouragement and information from a place, and at a pace, that an individual in this circumstance can better absorb.

This video on the value of peer support was shared with us from the New England Amputee Association, our affiliate support group in Massachusetts.

2018 Program Enhancements:  Background Check and App

Starting January 1, 2018, we are adding a new element to the certification (and recertification) process for Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitors: background checks. The healthcare community often requires volunteers to pass a background check prior to having contact with vulnerable people, and our board and committees agree that we should add this layer of professionalism and security for the people we serve.

After a thorough search, we have selected Verified Volunteers to provide this service. We are confident they will safeguard your personal information just as we do. The cost for an initial check is $37.00; for re-certification, the cost is $17.00. We are asking that each individual cover these costs. Of course, the results of the background check are yours and can be used elsewhere, too.

We count on you to deliver high-quality peer visits based on your training and personal passion, and we know that a background check will only increase the positive perception of the CPV program with hospital groups and the community we serve. We’ve added Frequently Asked Questions below to help clarify the details.

Certified Peer Visitor Background Checks: Frequently Asked Questions

As we launch the background check process as part of certifying peer visitors, here are several questions and answers to provide more detail.

Q: Why were background checks added?
A: Like most healthcare organizations, we are committed to the professionalism and training of our volunteers. This is one aspect that is becoming more and more common: asking people who are visiting vulnerable adults and children to have a background check.

It builds trust and confidence in the program even before you step through the door or call on the phone.

Q: I cannot afford this cost. Are there any funding options?
A: Please let us know if this is the only barrier to your working with us.
We do not have a formal funding process, but we need your feedback as we implement this program.

Q: Do I have to use a certain background check company?
A: Yes. We have researched several to be sure that your information is guarded and kept confidential. You will contact the company to start the process and pay for the background check. Your identifying information (like your Social Security number) will not be transferred to the Amputee Coalition. We will have access to your background check, housed in the background check company’s secure systems, but will not store or share the information as part of the peer visitor registration process.

Q:  I’ve never had a background check. What is included? What would disqualify me?
A: These background checks will include items like checking for criminal history and predator registration. We will always consider the severity and how recent any incident is. Typically, things like a felony conviction will disqualify an applicant.

Certified Peer Visitor App

Our CPV app will reach the testing phase in early 2018 which includes asking a small group to trial the features in a real-life visit environment.  We listened to your request and designed the app to make reporting a visit even easier – you can submit a report from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – and it pre-fills some of the information to save time!

If you have questions about the CPV program, feel free to contact us at peersupport@amputee-coalition.org or 888.267.5669.