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I remember thinking that living life with one leg was worse than not living life at all. I really, honestly did…[Then] a young boy with an artificial leg came into my hospital room for a visit. I don’t remember what he said. I don’t remember what he looked like. I was so transfixed on his prosthesis as he walked into my room. That’s all I needed to give me the personal strength to go on…
Ted Kennedy, Jr.

What is a certified peer visitor (CPV)?

The Amputee Coalition’s Certified Peer Visitors are trained volunteers who provide information and support for individuals about to undergo an amputation or who currently have limb loss/difference.

There are two categories of peer visitors that we train: 

  1. A person with limb loss or limb difference
  2. A family member of a person with limb loss or limb difference

How can I become a CPV?

Becoming a CPV involves completing an 8-hour training course offered at one of our hospital or rehab partners or in conjunction with a support group. To follow volunteer standards set by most hospitals and non-profits, we also ask that you successfully complete a background check.

The trainings help you recognize the elements of recovery and how to respond with helpful interventions during different phases of emotional adjustment. Once certified, the new CPV will receive a certificate, identification card, and start making peer visits when requested.

If you are interested in having a CPV training class scheduled in your area, please email to learn more about hosting a local CPV training class or registering for one.


Certified peer visitors are required to update their certification every two years by completing an online recertification test. Re-certification also includes an updated background check. Once you are a certified, you will receive an email reminder to update your certification with instructions and details.

More Information

CPV Training and Certification FAQs

How often are trainings offered?
CPV trainings are offered, as needed, at partner hospital and rehab facilities. Facilities will typically host 1 to 4 trainings each year. Trainings are also offered at the request of support groups that are willing to host a training. Every year, each region of the country typically has about 1 to 3 trainings at a support group. If you are a support group leader and would like to request CPV training, please complete this form.

Can you notify me when there is a training in my area?
If you would like us to contact you when there is a CPV training in your region, please email with your name, city and state.

Are there costs involved?
There is a $37 fee for the initial background check and a $17 fee for a re-certification background check (which is required every two years). There may be a fee to cover the cost of the training manual and other materials. Please contact your peer visitor trainer to determine exact fee.

Certified Peer Visitor Training Application