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Mental Health Webinar: How to Achieve a Healthy Mind

James Owen Roberts, 2x Paralympian, Tedx Speaker, Empowerment Coach, and more, talks with the Peer Support Team on achieving a healthy mind and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. ...continue.

National Limb Loss Resource Center Webinar

Learn about the services the National Limb Loss Resource Center (NLLRC) provides from NLLRC specialist, Aaron Burnell. ...continue.

Why Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month Matters

Jerrica Thurman, Director of Communications, Colin Schaefer, Communications Specialist, and three community members, discuss the history and the importance of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. ...continue.

Youth Camp Webinar

Sarah Demaio discusses the great opportunities that youth camp provides, and the technical details surrounding the 2022 Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp. ...continue.

Healthcare Partnership Webinar

Nicole Gross discusses the benefits of the Amputee Coalition Healthcare Partnerships. ...continue.

Advocacy 101 Your Voice Matters

Amanda Woodson and Dustin Perchal from the Amputee Coalition’s Government Relations team; discuss the benefits of becoming a Lead Advocate and how to talk with local lawmakers and change policies. ...continue.

Advocacy & the Art of Speaking Up

Nicole Powell, RN, gives the limb loss and limb difference community tips on how to advocate for oneself. ...continue.

Advancements in Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy

Lindsay Reynolds, MSOP, CPO discusses the advancements in hip disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy technology. ...continue.

Making Meaningful Connections through the Amputee Coalition Support App

Nicole Gross and Susan Tipton from the Amputee Coalition discuss the benefits of peer visits and using the peer support app. ...continue.

Back To Center: Embracing Your New Normal

Fellow Amputee Reggie Showers discusses how to get your life back after amputation. He shares his stories and helps new amputees adjust to their new normal. ...continue.

Calling all kids! How to build a youth support network

Young amputees Alexandra Capellini and Megan Liang; discuss ways for young individuals living with limb loss and limb differences can make friends. They recommend several groups for young people in ...continue.

Beyond Sex: Intimate Relationships in Individuals with Upper Limb Absences Trim

Samantha Pagano, OTD, OTR, and Debra Latour, PP-OTD, M. Ed., OTR/L, discuss what an intimate relationship with upper limb absence looks like outside of sex. ...continue.

3D Printing and You What it CAN do, what it CAN’T do, what it COULD do

Eric Bubar, Associate Professor of Engineering at Marymount University. Discusses the future of prosthetic devices using 3D printing. ...continue.

The Quest for a Comfortable Prosthesis: One Man’s Journey in Search of Something Better

Rob Dodson, CPO and FAAOP of Arm Dynamics, and Jason Koger, a bilateral amputee, discuss Jason journey in finding the right prosthetic arm. Learn how to find the right prosthetic ...continue.

Prosthetic Observations and Clinical Care Considerations for Osseointegrated (OI) Amputees

Michael A Jenks, CPO and Presenter for Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics. Discusses the journey for OI amputees and research surrounding OI procedures. ...continue.