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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name Don Cummings
Education (degrees) BS Orthotics & Prosthetics, BS Generic Special Education
Institutional Affiliation UT Southwestern School of Health Sciences, UTD
Where you live and work I live in Carrollton TX. I Direct Prosthetic care at
Scottish Rite for Children, Dallas & Frisco, TX
Expertise Area Pediatric Prosthetics. I have practiced Prosthetics at Scottish Rite for Children for 33 years, providing prosthetic care for children 0 – 21 years of age. I have published and presented many times on topics related to pediatric prosthetics or prosthetics in general. I also worked for several years as a consultant for the Patrick Leahy War Victims Fund and was tasked with evaluating the quality of prosthetic care being provided by NGO’s and PVO’s who were grant recipients of the Fund in countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Colombia.
Why I volunteer for the AC I lost both legs below the knees at age 19 due to complications from Bacterial Meningitis. I volunteer for the AC because I believe in its mission to provide information and support to people who have had or are at risk of having an amputation. The AC has been a source of information and support to me over the years, so I hope I can give back in some small way.
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