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‘Tips for Upper Extremity Amputees’ Video Playlist

Updated Jan 21, 2011 - View the ‘Tips for Upper Extremity Amputees’ playlist on the Amputee Coalition’s YouTube channel. ...continue.

A Case for Body-Powered Hooks

Published 6/2015 - by Sean McHugh - In recent years, there have been many exciting advancements in the world of upper-limb prosthetics. Much of the focus has been on developing ...continue.

Advances in Hip Disarticulation Socket Design

Volume 13 · Issue 5 · September/October 2003 - by Erik Shaffer, CP - While hip disarticulation (HD) amputees constitute only 2 percent of the amputee population, they have the ...continue.

Am I “Handicapped”? Nursing With One Hand

Volume 19 · Issue 6 · October 2009 - by Susan Elaine Fleming, RN, MN, CNS - Many people feel that they were destined for a career in nursing. I ...continue.

An Explanation of the Rotationplasty and Tibia Turn-Up Procedures

Volume 15 · Issue 2 · March/April 2005 - by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP - People who have been diagnosed with cancer and are faced with the impending amputation ...continue.

An Overview of Crutches

Volume 20 · Issue 2 · March/April 2010 - by Madeleine Anderson - Everyone who has been confronted with a lower-extremity amputation has had to make decisions regarding mobility options. ...continue.

An Overview of Finger and Partial-Hand Prostheses

Volume 20 · Issue 4 · July/August 2010 - by David Rotter, CPO - Statistically, the highest numbers of amputees are finger and partial-hand amputees. Yet, until very recently, the ...continue.

Bilateral Upper-Limb-Loss Rehabilitation

Volume 21, Issue 1 January/February 2011 - by Shawn Swanson Johnson, OTR/L - Upper-limb loss is a rare occurrence. Consider this fact: for every incident of upper-limb amputation, there are ...continue.

Choosing the Right Shoe

Volume 20 · Issue 2 ·March/April 2010 - by Séamus Kennedy, BEng (Mech), CPed - Choosing the right shoe; what could be easier? Often, the decision depends more on your ...continue.

Donning an AK prosthesis with a full suction socket

Narrated by Paddy Rossbach, this is part of a series of demonstrations designed to help individuals learn to manage after a lower-limb amputation. ...continue.

Enhancing Your Comfort and Function Through Upper-Extremity Socket Technology

Volume 14 · Issue 6 · November/December 2004 - by Troy Farnsworth, CP, FAAOP - As technological advances improve the lives of individuals with upperextremity limb loss, one thing remains ...continue.

Fitting for Hip Disarticulation and Hemi-pelvectomy Level Amputations

Volume 9 · Issue 2 · March/April 1999 - by By G. Edward Jeffries, M.D. with Prosthetic Consultants John Angelico, CP, Al Denison, CP and Jim Kaiser, CP - Editors ...continue.

Focus on Bilateral Above-Knee Amputees

Volume 19 · Issue 4 · July/August 2009 - by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, and Randy Richardson, RPA - People who have experienced limb loss know that it only ...continue.

Foreshortened Prostheses (Stubbies)

Last updated 01/2008 - For bilateral leg amputees, rehabilitation should be emphasized as early as possible to maximize ambulatory potential and to help alleviate possible gait or motion control problems ...continue.

Higher Challenges

Volume 15 · Issue 1 · January/February 2005 - by Douglas G. Smith, MD - In discussing amputations of the lower limb, we’ve noted that each level has its own ...continue.