Amputee Coalition Fact Sheet

Global Resources for People with Limb Loss & Limb Difference

Web Development Fact Sheet

Updated 12/2023


It is our mission at the Amputee Coalition to support, educate, and advocate for people impacted by limb loss and limb difference. We offer Information and Referral Services to individuals with limb loss or limb difference who reside within the United States through our National Limb Loss Resource Center. We do not offer any direct funding, nor do we provide medical care or prosthetic-related clinical services.

How To Request Services

This fact sheet contains information about charitable nonprofit organizations that aid with funding and/or provide prosthetic care to individuals worldwide. If you have questions about your eligibility or wish to request support from one of these organizations, please contact them directly via the webpage, email, or phone number that is provided beside the organization(s) listed below.

Search the Online Database of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Rehabilitation Humanitarian Aid

For the most comprehensive database of international resources, please visit the Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Rehabilitation Humanitarian Database online at This database is maintained by the Digital Resource Foundation for the O&P Community (DRFOP). If you would like additional information, please contact DRFOP by email at or by phone at (352) 872-5400.

Organizations That Provide Prosthetic Care

The following list of organizations is provided for individuals who reside outside of the United States, who seek assistance related to the provision of prosthetic care.

2FT ProstheticsWeb:
Central American Medical OutreachWeb:
Phone: +3306835956
CHAL FoundationWeb:
Phone: +925128011067
Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE)Web:
Phone: +85621241972
Crimal Rehabilitacion IntegralWeb:
Phone: +4422150612
Global Medical Relief FundWeb:
Phone: +7184486984
Healing Hands for HaitiWeb:
Phone: +3053963579
Humanity & InclusionWeb:
Phone: +13018912138
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)Web:
Phone: +41227346001
IREDE FoundationWeb:
Phone: +2347087109596
Legs 4 AfricaWeb:
Phone: +447513566442
Limb Kind FoundationWeb:
Phone: +3476445121
Limbs InternationalWeb:
Phone: +9153084680
LN4 Hand ProjectWeb:
LVIV’s Unbroken InitiativeWeb:
Phone: +800333003
Operation NamasteWeb:
Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)Web:
Phone: +97022989293
Polus CenterWeb:
Phone: +9783681550
Protesis ImbaburaWeb:
Phone: +8287747222
Range of Motion Project (ROMP)Web:

Geographic Service Area(s)

Asia & Pacific
Europe & Eurasia
Latin America & The Caribbean
Middle East
2FT Prosthetics
Central American Medical Outreach
CHAL Foundation
Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE)
Crimal Rehabilitacion Integral
Global Medical Relief Fund
Healing Hands for Haiti
Humanity & Inclusion
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
IREDE Foundation
Legs 4 Africa
Limb Kind Foundation
Limbs International
LN4 Hand Project
LVIV’s Unbroken Initiative
Operation Namaste
Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)
Polus Center
Protesis Imbabura
Range of Motion Project (ROMP)

Other International Organizations Providing Medical Care, Humanitarian Aid, Funding, and Disability Advocacy

It is not the intention of the Amputee Coalition to provide specific medical or legal advice but rather to provide consumers with information to better understand their health and healthcare issues. The Amputee Coalition does not endorse any specific treatment, technology, company, service or device. Consumers are urged to consult with their healthcare providers for specific medical advice or before making any purchasing decisions involving their care.

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