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Congressional Caseworkers: How They Can Help

Created 3/2022 - A major responsibility for members of Congress is to provide service to their constituents back in their state or congressional district. ...continue.

How to Locate Resources in Your Area

Created 3/2022 - The National Limb Loss Resource Center® (NLLRC) is dedicated to helping those living with limb loss or limb difference, their families, and caregivers connect with resources at ...continue.

Camps for Children with Limb Loss/Limb Difference

Created 3/2022 - Learn about the Amputee Coalition Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp and other summer camps for youth with limb loss/limb difference. ...continue.

Skin Care 101

Created 3/2022 - Proper skin care is essential to the health and mobility of those living with limb loss or limb difference. Whether you have an upper limb or lower ...continue.

Higher Challenges – The Hip Disarticulation and Transpelvic Amputation Levels, Part 3

Volume 15 · Issue 1 · May/June 2005 - by Douglas G. Smith, MD - In discussing amputations of the lower limb, we’ve noted that each level has its own ...continue.

Higher Challenges – The Hip Disarticulation and Transpelvic Amputation Levels, Part 2

Volume 15 · Issue 1 · March/April 2005 - by Douglas G. Smith, MD - Age is a major factor in recovery and rehabilitation following any amputation, but its significance ...continue.

Youth and Family Webinar

Hillary Sussman, MSPT and author of the Adventures of Roxy Children’s book series and Cadie Jessup Ellis, a motivational speaker with a left above knee amputation. Discussed: How books can ...continue.

Veterans Webinar

In service of Veterans in the community and those who assist them, The Amputee Coalition discussed information about benefits with the Veterans Health Administration’s Amputation System of Care (ASoC). The ...continue.

Resources to Help Children Understand Limb Loss and Limb Difference

Updated 11/2021 - Reading encourages children’s imaginations to grow, and opens their world to new people, places and possibilities. Reading books about difficult concepts, such as limb difference, is a ...continue.

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Coverage

Updated 10/2021 - If you decide you need to sign up for a private health insurance plan, you may do so during open enrollment through the insurance exchanges, called marketplaces. ...continue.

Race and Ethnicity Disparities in Limb Loss

Updated 9/2021 - Over two million Americans live with limb loss and limb difference. But the risk is not the same for everyone. People of color are more likely to ...continue.

Prosthetic Limb Donations

Updated 09/2021 - Prosthetic components are generally not reused in the United States because of legal considerations. However, used prosthetic limbs may be disassembled and the components shipped to Third ...continue.

Emotional Recovery

Created 9/2021 - Losing a limb is a life-changing experience. This process often affects nearly every aspect of an individual’s life ranging from work and play to friends and family. ...continue.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License with Limb Loss or Limb Difference

Created 09/2021 - After an amputation surgery, people are often eager to start setting goals for “getting back to normal” or “finding their new normal.” One of the most important ...continue.

Global Resources for People with Limb Loss & Limb Difference

Updated 9/2021 - The Amputee Coalition provides the following list for amputees within and outside of the United States who are seeking assistance and information related to limb loss. ...continue.