April is Limb Loss and LImb Difference Awareness Month

Sponsorship Opportunities

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month (LLLDAM) takes place every April. Started by the Amputee Coalition in 2010, LLLDAM is a 30-day period where our community comes together to raise awareness about living with limb loss or limb difference.

Featured LLLDAM Premier Sponsorship – $5000

  • Get inaugural opportunity to be branded as an AC LLLDAM Premier Sponsor
  • Logo and Link of your choice on our LLLDAM Sponsorship Webpage
  • Use of AC Sponsorship logo on your digital media (review required)
  • Recognition as LLLDAM Premier Sponsor in Annual Report (to be deployed in Fall 2022)
  • Sidebar ad on Prosthetics Finder website for duration of LLLDAM
  • Featured Eblast Message and Ad graphic during LLLDAM#
  • Ad graphic recognition on AC blog and in THRIVE enewsletter ~
  • *Social Media Sponsorship – pre-recorded video (2 minutes long max) that incorporates one of these areas: how the main pillars of our mission to support, educate, and advocate on behalf of the LL/LD community and how your work intersects with the AC and LLLDAM, Highlighting a community member or staff member in your story, or showing off your expertise in the field integrated with LLLDAM*
    • “Presented by” sponsor on video and related posts, with your social media profiles tagged
    • “Presented by” title slide with logo at the top of the video
    • “Made possible by” thank you slide at the close of the video
    • Opportunity to respond to and message individuals who comment on the posted video
    • Opportunity to share the videos to your social media profiles
    • Blog post on Amputee-Coalition.org announcing the sponsorship and featuring the video

* Videos will be uploaded through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, and if there is a professional/ clinician discussion, we will post on our LinkedIn page, too. Videos to be approved by AC for content prior to deployment.

~ Get access to our community members via a full-page banner ad in our newly created THRIVE enewsletter and updated Blog. Include image and weblink for visitors to engage with your content. Size 600 px X 100 px.

# Sponsor may include an image, blurb, and weblink as a featured sponsored message to the AC’s database of over 40,000+ valid email addresses. We will need no more than 25 characters for a headline, and 160 characters for the blurb. The ad image should be 360px by 245px and please provide what URL you would like your ad to link to.

To sign up for LLAM Sponsorships, please contact Ryan McHugh, Development Specialist, at rmchugh@amputee-coalition.org or 888-267-5669 x8139

LLAM Sustainers – $35 recurring donation a month

I invite you to join our new 1986 Sustainers Circle – a dedicated group of individuals who spread their giving out over the year to increase their impact. Your gift during Limb Loss Awareness Month will continue our outreach to empower everyone on their journey with limb loss and/or limb difference.

The 1986 Sustainers Circle is named in honor of our founding 35 years ago. Every 1986 Sustainer commits to a recurring monthly or quarterly gift. By making ongoing gifts, members can turn bite-sized, consistent giving into an out-sized impact all year. All sustainers to be recognized on 1986 Sustainers Circle website & year-end summary materials.

Pledge your donation here today.