Understanding and Analyzing User-Prosthesis Interaction for Designing a Controller for Powered Lower Limb Prostheses

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Study Location
North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC

Research Objectives
Powered robotic prostheses have the capacity to mimic the motion of biological joints, but do not consistently lead to improved gait performance due to an unoptimized intelligent controller. In this study, we will design different control algorithms for a variety of walking tasks and compare their performance.

This study will require participants to wear their own prosthesis and our experimental powered prosthesis to walk on level ground, ramp/stair ascent/decent, and step over obstacles. These activities are demonstrated on our webpage: https://nrel.bme.unc.edu/.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be between 18–70 years old
  • Must have a unilateral (single-sided) above-knee amputation
  • Body weight must not exceed 250 lbs.
  • Must use a prosthesis regularly (3+ hours daily)
  • Must be able to walk independently without the use of mobility aids ( e.g. canes, walker, crutches)

Compensation Details

  • $25 per hour (3-5 sessions, 4 hour max. per session)
  • Travel and lodging reimbursement may be available for eligible participants

Enrollment Closes
Mar 5, 2029

Time Commitment

  • 3-5 visits each lasting 2-4 hours.

Contact Person
Laura Rohrbaugh | Email: nrel.ncsu@gmail.com | Phone: 919-515-5218

How to Participate
Contact us by email, phone, or visit us online at https://nrel.bme.unc.edu/get-involved/ to fill out our online intake form. We will contact you to discuss what is involved in being a subject for this study and to address any questions or concerns that you may have.