Prateek Grover

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee Member Profile
Name Prateek Grover
Education (degrees)  MD PhD MHA
Intuitional Affiliation Assistant Professor,  Department of Neurology – Neurorehabilitation
Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis MO
Medical Director and Program Medical Director (Amputation Rehabilitation)
The Rehabilitation Institute of St Louis St Louis MO
Chair, Limb Restoration Rehabilitation Networking Group
American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
Where you live and work St Louis, MO
Expertise Area
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation MD
  • Research – functional and program outcomes, mobility biomechanics, community participation
  • Knowledge dissemination – patient and professional education
  • Program development for limb loss
Why I volunteer for the AC As a physiatrist with clinical, research and leadership initiatives focused on limb care, I strongly believe that health system and stakeholder coordination as well as individual enablement are vital in facilitating an efficient and effective journey from limb loss and difference to independence.
It is my privilege to serve on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee for the Amputee Coalition with talented, motived and like-minded professionals and community members to collaboratively contribute in this mission of improving care and access for individuals with limb loss/difference and their caregivers.
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