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Updated 08/2020


For individuals who only need one shoe, there are many organizations that accept donations of single shoes in good condition and that may be able to assist in locating single shoes as well. There are also certain retailers that offer single shoes for sale. See the lists below to find out how you can donate to and/or benefit from these programs.

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Nonprofit Organizations and Exchanges

The nonprofit organizations listed below accept donations of shoes and, in some cases, gifts of money that allow them to continue to benefit people in need. Each listing contains information on how to donate, along with instructions for how to benefit from these organizations if you are looking for shoes. For more information, call the organization or visit their website.

National Odd Shoe Exchange (N.O.S.E.)

P.O. Box 1120
Chandler, AZ 85244-1120

The National Odd Shoe Exchange (N.O.S.E.) assists people with a variety of conditions and lifestyles. They ship new, quality footwear to children, adults and seniors across the United States and Canada from their distribution center in Arizona.

If you wish to donate:

Donations of all sizes are appreciated. The N.O.S.E. proudly accepts financial contributions from corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

Donations in-kind include footwear (shoes, boots, socks, inserts and laces), office supplies, packaging supplies, promotional items, warehouse equipment and office equipment.

Footwear items must be new, unworn, and undamaged. They accept matched pairs, mismatched pairs, singles, and bulk footwear items. All styles and sizes are needed.

Please send donations to the address listed to the left.

To receive shoes: Send a brief letter concisely stating your sizes and restrictions. Be sure to include your address.

Odd Shoe Finder is an effort to help people with mismatched feet (or amputees) save money by no longer having to buy two pairs of shoes and allowing them to sell their own odd shoes.

Once you create an account, you can use this site to buy, sell or give away your single shoes or mismatched pairs. They have hundreds of listings in different sizes and styles.

Donating or selling your unneeded shoes is completely free! There are no charges or fees for listing your shoes, and no commissions to be paid.

To receive shoes: Create an online account and browse through the available options. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, then you can register to be notified as soon as someone posts shoes in your exact size. Prices vary. Some are even free!

If you have questions, you can contact them by filling out this online form:


Shoewap is a global marketplace where people with unevenly sized feet and persons with limb loss and limb difference buy, sell, and exchange mismatched pairs and single shoes.


319 Martingale Drive
Old Hickory, TN 37138
615-391-5723 or 866-521-7463

Through the collection and sale of used (and new) clothing and shoes, Soles4Souls helps create self-sustaining jobs that generate desperately needed revenues throughout communities in both the U.S. and developing countries. The sale of donated footwear and apparel to support jobs also provides the majority of funding to sustain Soles4Souls operations and further expand its donations of new shoes and clothing.

To learn how to donate: Visit

To receive shoes: Call 866-521-7463 or complete this online form:

Retailers Selling Single/Mismatched Shoes

Unlike the organizations above, some for-profit retailers sell single or mismatched shoes, sometimes for a discounted price.  Please see below for information about pricing, and how to contact these companies.

Ascent Footwear

Ascent Footwear has partnered with The Athlete’s Foot in a program called IIFit. IIFit allows customers to purchase shoes in different sizes at no additional cost or as an individual shoe at half the retail price.

Birkenstock Express Online


Birkenstock offers a special discount for people who need only one shoe. Purchase any regularly priced pair of shoes from them and they will discount it 40 percent. They will donate the shoe you do not need. This offer does not apply to sale shoes.

Birkenstock is unable to accept returns or exchanges for single-shoe special orders.

Healthy Feet Store

25 Walpole Park South
Suite 9B
Walpole, MA 02081
858-547-8800 (from HI, AK, or PR) recognizes that custom ordering isn’t for everyone, so they offer a special discount program, unique to their online store, for those ordering pairs of mismatched sizes. This is best for individuals who have never ordered mismatched sizes before, because these shoes can be exchanged or returned if they don’t fit correctly. Call or email for more information.

One Foot Two Shoes


1 Foot 2 Shoes was created to cater to men, women and children amputees who only want to purchase one shoe.

UnPaired Soles

UnPaired Soles believes amputees should be able to buy one shoe and have it be the shoe they want. If they do not have the shoe you are looking for in stock, UnPaired Soles has the resources and the connections to help find it.

Zappos Adaptive-Single and Different Size Shoe Program

Zappos Adaptive is an extension of—an online retailer dedicated to providing the very best customer service experience. The goal of Zappos Adaptive is to connect people with products that make getting dressed easier for everyone.

Recycle Your Unused Shoes

Do you have shoes that are too worn-out to donate? Nike developed the Reuse-A-Shoe program in the 1990s to collect old, worn-out athletic shoes for recycling. The idea is to transform the recycled shoes, along with pre-consumer shoe waste, into Nike Grind: a material used to create athletic and playground surfaces and more. Industry-leading sports and playground surfacing companies use Nike Grind to manufacture high-performance athletic surfaces such as tennis and basketball courts, running tracks, athletic fields, and playgrounds. Additionally, Nike has discovered innovative uses for Nike Grind in various footwear and apparel products.

You can drop off athletic shoes of any brand for recycling. There are two ways you can recycle your shoes through the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program:

  1. Bring up to 10 pairs of shoes to any Reuse-A-shoe collection location, which can be found at most Nike and Converse retail stores.
  2. You can mail your shoes directly to Nike’s recycling facility. Nike cannot pay for shipping costs, and to ensure that the shipping and collection of shoes doesn’t negatively offset the environmental benefit of recycling, they encourage you to drop off your shoes at a drop off point if possible.

Nike Drop-off Locations

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