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Created 5/2019


Adaptive clothing, or adapted clothes, are clothing, accessories and footwear specially designed for people with physical disabilities and others who lack the full range of motion required for self-dressing.

Adaptive clothing comes in many different forms and styles, including magnetic closures instead of buttons or zippers or flat hems that are less prone to catching or snagging. Adaptive clothing should benefit the wearer both physically and psychologically, as quality clothing often makes us feel good about ourselves and promotes a sense of well-being.

Adaptive clothing can be considered one of the many High- and Low-Tech Aids for Daily Living.

Resources on Legal Right Regarding the Use of Service Animals

ADA Revised Requirements: Service Animals

Frequently Asked Questions About Service Animals and the ADA

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals: Where Are They Allowed, and Under What Conditions?

Service Dog Programs and Organizations

Assistance Dogs International

Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Partners for Life

Freedom Service Dogs of America

Little Angels Service Dogs

Pet Partners

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

New England Assistance Dog Services (NEADS)

Operation Overwatch

Service Dogs for America

Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

It is not the intention of the Amputee Coalition to provide specific medical or legal advice but rather to provide consumers with information to better understand their health and healthcare issues. The Amputee Coalition does not endorse any specific treatment, technology, company, service or device. Consumers are urged to consult with their healthcare providers for specific medical advice or before making any purchasing decisions involving their care.

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