Amputee Educational Video Series

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The Amputee Coalition has produced an educational video series that will help amputees,their family members and caregivers on many different topics. These videos were created with the help of many of our wonderful volunteers and hospital partners.

Amputees’ Balance – Getting Started: The Ball-Rolling Exercise

Published 7/13/2015 - Struggling with balance and mobility? In this video, Dr. Carol Miller, professor of physical therapy at the ...continue.

Cooking Tips for Upper-Limb Amputees

Published 7/13/2015 - Do you have upper-limb loss and find yourself struggling in the kitchen when preparing a meal? Deborah ...continue.

How to talk about chronic pain

Published 12/6/2018 - It can be difficult to describe symptoms of pain to a medical provider. This video can help ...continue.

Living With Limb Loss: What Amputees Can Expect During the First Six Months Post-Surgery

Published 7/14/2015 - The first six months post-surgery will be full of challenges. This is the period of time where ...continue.

Tips on improving your gait

Published 12/6/2018 - How do you know when your gait is “normal”? Check out these tips from a Physical Therapist ...continue.