Proprioceptive sensorimotor integration with neural interfaces for hand prostheses

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Study Location
Louis Stokes Cleveland Medical Center – Cleveland, OH 

Research Objective
The goal of this study is to make upper limb prosthetic devices more natural and useful for Veterans who have lost an upper limb by providing proprioceptive feedback about prosthesis postures and movements. By doing this study we hope to characterize proprioceptive sensations elicited by peripheral nerve stimulation and investigate the mechanisms of stimulation-evoked proprioception. Participants do not need to be local to the Cleveland area. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a Veteran of the US military, age 18 or older 
  • Must have unilateral upper limb amputation above or belowtheelbow with fully healed and healthy surgical sites. 
  • Must have viable peripheral nerve function in the residual limb as well as volitional activity of the residual muscles in the amputated limb. 
  • Must be determined medically fit to undergo anesthesia. 
  • Must be fitted with a prosthesis by a CPO and have at least one month experience 
  • using the prosthesis. 
  • Must be willing and able to follow the study protocol.


  • $50.00 per day (4-6 hours each day) in the lab once enrolled in the study. 
  • Travel can also be provided 

Enrollment Closes

Time Commitment

  • Trial lasts approximately 18 months 
  • Participants come to the lab once every 45 days for 1-3 days of testing.

Contact Person
Chris Cowen | Email: | Phone: 216-791-3800 ext. 63801 

How to Participate
Contact Chris Cowen