New York and the “One Prosthesis Per Limb Per Lifetime” Restriction

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As we mentioned in last month’s e-newsletter, New York State’s Marketplace has a provision that limits prosthetic coverage to “one prosthesis per limb per lifetime.” The Amputee Coalition is continuing to work with coalition groups, partner organizations, professionals and advocates in New York, and we’re starting to see some positive results.

New York State’s benchmark health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) limits coverage for prosthetic limbs to “one prosthesis per limb per lifetime.” This “One Limb for Life” rule is not “equal to the typical employer plan” in New York State, which is the standard for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, making this limitation a violation of the federal law. This policy is one of the most restrictive prosthetic limb policies in the country.

If you’re a New York resident, whether you’re an amputee yourself, a relative or caregiver of an amputee, or just a concerned NY citizen who feels it’s wrong to jeopardize someone’s livelihood and quality of life by restricting their mobility, you can help. For more information and to sign the petition to change the One Prosthetic Limb Per Lifetime rule in New York State, please visit and sign the petition today!