Limb Loss Task Force Summit Held March 2-4, 2015 in Boston

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From March 2-4, the Amputee Coalition convened the 2015 Limb Loss Task Force summit in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss the future of healthcare for amputees. The Task Force is made up of healthcare professionals, researchers, consumer advocates and Amputee Coalition staff, all united with the goal of improving the patient-centered care of amputees. The focus of this summit was to develop an initial foundation for creating a longitudinal database of people with limb loss. Then, through collaborative research between participating healthcare facilities, this database would inform the development of a model system of amputee care – much like the existing repository developed for amputee patients by the Veterans Administration, and like those that already exist for people with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and burn injury. The summit proved to be extremely productive as it planned next steps for making this database and model system of care a reality. The Amputee Coalition would like to thank all who attended. A white paper summarizing the discussions of the Task Force will be released later this year. Click here to view white papers from previous Limb Loss Task Force summits.