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Mirror Therapy

inMotion · Volume 20 · Issue 6 · November/December 2010 - by Beth D. Darnall, PHD - Phantom pain is often a chronic, debilitating condition that affects about 80 percent ...continue.

Peer Support: Nine Kinds of Listening

Published 1/2019 - This Webinar highlights why Certified Peer Visitors are a great choice for support. Their training gives them the tools to meet people living with limb loss at ...continue.

How to talk about chronic pain

Published 12/6/2018 - It can be difficult to describe symptoms of pain to a medical provider. This video can help you share your experiences with a medical professional so that ...continue.

Tips on improving your gait

Published 12/6/2018 - How do you know when your gait is “normal”? Check out these tips from a Physical Therapist to know if you might need help improving how you ...continue.

Clear the Way by Clearing the Air

Volume 23, Issue 6 | November/December 2013, Page 14 | by Debra Kerper | These suggestions and possible solutions may help reduce your anxiety when you are invited to stay ...continue.

Avoid the Holiday Trap: How to maintain a HEALTHY routine over the holiday season

Volume 28, Issue 6 | November/December 2018, Page 32 | by Trevor Bunch | You may find yourself struggling to maintain healthy routines around the holidays. With family events and ...continue.

Keep on Trekking

Volume 28, Issue 5 | September/October 2018, Page 26 | by Laura Simpson | The trek began in 300 B.C. in Capua, Italy – the year of the first documented ...continue.

You Think Disability Can Stop This Kid? You Don’t Know Jack!

Volume 28, Issue 5 | September/October 2018, Page 11 | by Karin Williamson | When we were 20 weeks pregnant with our second child, a routine ultrasound found that the ...continue.

Employment Resources

Updated 5/2020 - There are several programs and organizations available to assist individuals with disabilities in job training, résumé writing and employment searches. Some organizations also provide information about on-the-job ...continue.

An Unusual Fit

Volume 28, Issue 5 | September/October 2018, Page 40 | by Tony Phillips | Stephen Miller, a certified prosthetist and orthotist at Hanger Clinic in Savannah, Georgia, is part of ...continue.

When Disaster Strikes

Created 09/20/2018 Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an emergency supply kit and making an emergency plan are universal, regardless of ...continue.

Free and Low-Cost Healthcare Resources

There are 140 healthcare facilities nationwide that may be a resource for you. Check out some of the details related to free and reduced-cost healthcare choices for you. ...continue.

Sepsis Happens: Our Family’s War on Septic Shock

Shared from inMotion  |  Volume 28, Issue 2  |  March/April 2018, Page 16 by Lt. Col. (Retired) Jay and Sue Stull  |  Graphics by Wednesday, August 6, 2014, was ...continue.

My Road to Advocacy

Shared from inMotion  |  Volume 28, Issue 2  |  March/April 2018, Page 26 by Herb Kolodny Herb Kolodny and fellow graduate from Partners in Policymaking, Tara Frey. I was asked ...continue.

A Nurturing Flash: Bounce Back After a Tumble

Volume 28, Issue 2 | March/April 2018, Page 30 | by Harleen Chhabra Gupt | How do you demonstrate care and build your child’s resilience? As an amputee parent, life-altering ...continue.