Feasibility of Sensory Feedback for Lower Limb Amputees

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Study Location
Louis Stokes Cleveland Medical Center – Cleveland, OH 

Research Objective
The purpose of this study is to establish the feasibility of providing natural sensation indistinguishable from that of the intact limb to transtibial or transfemoral amputees without disrupting the central or peripheral nervous tissues. We intend to explore methods that will allow individuals with lower limb loss to feel foot-floor contact, discriminate the location and magnitude of applied pressures, and to sense changes in limb loading and position. This should improve balance, prevent falls, and reduce cognitive load by allowing individuals to negotiate uneven terrain with limited visual cues.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Adults age 18 or older 
  • Chronic, medically stable (> 3 months) unilateral transtibial or transfemoral amputation at the time of implant surgery 
  • Potential user of transtibial or transfemoral prostheses for standing or walking 
  • Viable target nerves in the lower extremity as determined by standard-of-care clinical tests of nerve conduction, response to stimulation, sensory evoked potentials (SEP) and the like 
  • Absence of autoimmune deficiencies, seizure disorders or cardiac abnormalities contraindicating stimulation


  • $50.00 per day in the lab once enrolled in the study. 
  • Travel can also be provided 

Enrollment Closes
Dec 31, 2025 

Time Commitment

  • Trial lasts approximately 18 months 
  • Participants come to the lab once every 45 days for 1-3 days of testing.

Contact Person
Aarika Sheehan PT, DPT | Email: aarika.sheehan@va.gov | Phone: 216-791-3800 ext. 65832 

How to Participate
Contact Aarika Sheehan