Evaluating the Impact of Prosthetic Device Features on the Experience of Prosthesis Use

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Study Location
Louis Stokes Cleveland Medical Center – Cleveland, OH

Research Objective
The goal of this study is to understand the critical factors associated with outcome acceptance following upper limb loss and to understand the psychosocial experience of upper limb prosthesis use. We must understand the relationships between prosthesis functional and sensory capabilities, the subjective experience of the prosthesis, and outcome acceptance following limb loss, in order to provide better prosthetic device options and improve rehabilitation outcomes. Study results will enable clinicians and researchers to evaluate and predict patient outcomes following limb loss based on user priorities and to design interventions that improve outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be able to provide verbal informed consent
  • Must be able to speak and understand English
  • Must have acquired a single upper limb amputation of the forearm (transradial) or above-the-elbow (transhumeral).
  • Amputation must have occurred at least six months prior to study enrollment
  • Must be a current user of an upper limb prosthesis
  • Must have at least six months of experience using a prosthesis


  • Up to $40 ($20 per phone call)

Enrollment Closes
December 31, 2024

Time Commitment

  • Phone Interview (1 hour)
  • Phone Survey (1 hour)

Contact Person
Jessica Jarvela | Phone: 216-791-3800 x 63801

How to Participate
See further instructions in the Recruitment Flyer.