Amputee Coalition launches Spanish-language site and social media page

Amputee Coalition launches Spanish-language site and social media page

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Manassas, VA, (March 4, 2019) — Latino amputees and their caretakers can now turn to the Amputee Coalition’s new Spanish-language website and Facebook page for information about their unique medical and psychological needs.

Both resources address common amputation topics, family issues, difficulties for older amputees and need of caregivers. The Amputee Coalition works to ensure that no amputee feels alone through pre- and post-amputation and recovery through its management of the National Limb Loss Resource Center.

“We have offered information in Spanish for many years. Having a Spanish website of all our materials in one place is particularly important because of the higher incidence of diabetes and amputations among Latinos,” said Jack Richmond, president and chief executive officer of the Amputee Coalition.

Amputations occur or are medically necessary for several reasons, such as trauma or cancer, but diabetes or a vascular impairment like peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are the leading causes of amputations. People with diabetes are at high risk for amputation because of the damage the disease inflicts on the arteries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 40 percent of all U.S. adults will develop Type 2 diabetes. The number for Hispanic people is higher–more than 50 percent. Amputations are a complication of diabetes because of damage to arteries.

Richmond said it’s crucial for the coalition to raise awareness about and increase practices to prevent limb loss. The new Spanish-language resources also aim to help amputees and their family live life to the fullest after amputation.

Website visitors can access articles and information packets, including: “The New Journey,”
“The Caregiver’s Job,” “Above-the-Knee Amputation” and “Below-the-Knee Amputation.”

Written by healthcare professionals, the packets answer questions for people facing an amputation, living with an amputation or caring for an amputee. The materials address topics such as what to expect in the first three months after surgery, rehabilitation, common skin issues and injury prevention. They also cover emotional stress in the amputee and offer valuable information for caregivers, who often experience stress and fatigue.

The Amputee Coalition has been helping amputees for more than 30 years and has a long history of commitment to Latinos. The new Spanish website may be accessed at The Facebook page link is also included on the website.


About the Amputee Coalition

The Amputee Coalition is a donor-supported, voluntary health organization serving more than 2 million people with limb loss and more than 28 million people at risk for amputation. The Amputee Coalition is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care and preventing limb loss through its management of the National Limb Loss Resource Center. With the generous support of the public, we are helping amputees live well with limb loss, raising awareness about limb loss prevention and ensuring amputees have a voice in matters affecting their ability to live full, thriving lives. For more information about limb loss, please call 888/257-5669 or visit the website at