Adjustable Prosthetic Socket for Children and Adolescents with Lower Limb Loss

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Study Location
Penn Medicine Rittenhouse – Philadelphia, PA

Research Objective
This study will evaluate the feasibility and function of an adjustable socket for children ages 7-18 with lower limb loss through questionnaires, gait analysis and socket pressure data. Participants will be fit with an adjustable prosthesis for a home-trial lasting two-months. Participants will be evaluated using various data collection methods including surveys, gait analysis and pressure analysis technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be between 7-18 years of age
  • Have lower limb amputation(s) at or above the ankle (Symes, BK, AK)
  • Amputation(s) must have occurred at least 4-months prior to study enrollment
  • Must be ambulatory (with or without assistive devices)


  • Up to $400 ($100 per visit, $200 for final visit)

Enrollment Closes
August 31, 2024

Time Commitment

  • Initial visit ( 1 hours)
  • Fitting visit (2-3 hours)
  • At home trial (8 weeks)

Contact Person
Jessica Kenia, MS | Email :  | Phone: 215-893-2678

How to Participate
See further instructions in the Recruitment Flyer.