I remember thinking that living life with one leg was worse than not living life at all. I really, honestly did…[Then] a young boy with an artificial leg came into my hospital room for a visit. I don't remember what he said. I don't remember what he looked like. I was so transfixed on his prosthesis as he walked into my room. That's all I needed to give me the personal strength to go on…
Ted Kennedy, Jr.

What is a certified peer visitor (CPV)?

The Amputee Coalition's certified peer visitors are trained volunteers who provide information and support for individuals about to undergo or who currently have limb loss/difference.  

How can I become a CPV?

To become a CPV, a person with limb loss/difference or a family member must meet all criteria and successfully complete an 8 hour training course offered at one of our partner hospitals/rehab facilities or a support group. The trainings help individuals learn to recognize the elements of recovery and how to respond with helpful interventions during different phases of emotional adjustment. Once certified, the new CPV will receive a certificate, identification card, and may begin making peer visits when requested. Certified peer visitors are required to annually update their certification through an online recertification test.

Click here to download the CPV Criteria (PDF)
Click here to access the Online Recertification Test

CPV Training and Certification FAQs

How often are trainings offered?
CPV trainings are offered, as needed, at partner hospital and rehab facilities. Facilities will typically host 1 to 4 trainings each year. Trainings are also offered at the request of support groups that are willing to host a training. Every year, each region of the country typically has about 1 to 3 trainings at a support group. If you are a support group leader and would like to request CPV training, please complete this form.

Notify me when there is a training in my region
If you would like us to contact you when there is a CPV training in your region, please email peersupport@amputee-coalition.org with your name, city and state.

Are there costs involved?
There may be a fee to cover the cost of the training manual and other materials. Please contact your peer visitor trainer to determine exact fee.  

Peer Support Facts

  • Did you know that the Amputee Coalition held its first peer visitor training in1993?
  • There are over 260 amputee support groups registered with the Amputee Coalition across the nation.
  • The Amputee Coalition has trained over 1,000 certified peer visitors to meet with amputees and family members in times of need.


Peer Support Feedback

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For more information about our peer support network, contact Jessie Cantrell at jcantrell@amputee-coalition.org


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