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The Amputee Coalition works with advocates to provide a voice on key issues affecting the limb loss community.  Together, we work on a broad range of issues including adequate and affordable prosthetic coverage with insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, and other programs; reasonable travel procedures for amputees, bringing attention to the community through Limb Loss Awareness Month, funding and research initiatives for people living with limb loss, partnerships with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Veterans Administration (VA), the Department of Defense (DOD), and other Federal agencies, as well as with other disability groups to be involved in broader disability issues that have an impact on everyday life.

Everything you do makes a difference!  Find out how you can get involved and make a difference for your community today with the information in this section of our Web site.

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Medicare RegulationsMedicare Regulations Governing Payment for Prosthetic Devices

Urge Your Doctor to Make Specific Notations in Medical Record.


Hotel roomStudy Underscores Value of Medicare Coverage for Prosthetic Devices
A groundbreaking study provides data that helps to corroborate this patient experience.

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For more information about our advocacy efforts, contact the Government Relations Department at 202/742-1885 or contact us online.


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