Limb Loss Task Force

The Limb Loss Task Force is a biennial summit of leading experts on limb loss care and rehabilitation, amputation prevention, prosthetics, public health research, and leading limb loss advocates. To date, two Limb Loss Task Forces have been convened. Each Task Force focuses on a separate topic and produces a white paper summarizing their recommendations.

The 2010 Limb Loss Task Force was convened to develop recommendations for improving limb loss care and rehabilitation and develop strategies of preventing amputations from complications due to vascular disease and diabetes. You can read the 2010 Limb Loss Task Force's recommendations here.

In 2012, the Coalition convened our second Limb Loss Task Force. The purpose of this Task Force was to identify paradigms and practices to reduce the incidence of preventable limb loss in the United States. You can read the 2012 Limb Loss Task Force's recommendations here.

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