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“The Best Thing in the World”

Volume 19 · Issue 4 · July/August 2009 by Scott McNutt Comedies are 20-year-old Jaymie Kraus’ favorite kind of movie. She enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, Josh, and when ...continue.

A Brief History of Prosthetics

Volume 17 · Issue 7 · November/December 2007 by Kim M. Norton The evolution of prosthetics is a long and storied history, from its primitive beginnings to its sophisticated present, ...continue.

A Force of Nature

Volume 15 · Issue 3 · May/June 2005 by Bill Dupes “Water is the softest substance in the world, yet it can penetrate granite.… Empty your mind; be formless, shapeless, ...continue.

A Lesson on Insuring Your Prosthesis

Volume 19 · Issue 6 · October 2009 by Tammie Higginbotham One day while sitting down with our insurance agent for our yearly coverage discussion, I happened to bring up ...continue.

A Life Well-Occupied

Volume 19 · Issue 6 · October 2009 by Art Heinze Saturday, December 7, 1957, started as an ordinary day on my parents’ farm near Elrosa, Minnesota. At age 19 ...continue.

A Love That Conquers All

Volume18 · Issue 4 · May/June 2008 by Rick Bowers That’s what you’ll hear in Mike and Sandra Kozloski’s voices when they talk about their 7-year-old daughter, Jordan. Sometimes, though, ...continue.

A New Life

Volume 18 · Issue 5 · July/August 2008 by Rayna DuBose I guess I never thought about what life would be like as a bilateral amputee. All my life I ...continue.

A Physician’s Inside View of the Amputee World

Volume 19 · Issue 4 · July/August 2009 by Robert D. Doty, Jr., MD, Chair of the Amputee Coalition’s Upper Limb Loss Advisory Council I am a physician who spent ...continue.

Accessibility of Fitness Centers and Healthcare Facilities for People With Limb Differences

Created 05/2015 Regular visits to fitness centers and healthcare facilities can help people with limb differences maintain healthy lifestyles and promote well-being. In order to access these facilities safely and ...continue.

Adaptive Soccer More Than Just a Team Sport

Volume 24, Issue 3 May/June 2014 by Amy Di Leo. “He said he closed his eyes and from the chatter on the field, the griping at the referee and the ...continue.

Adaptive Gardening

Jul/Aug 2010 by Scott McNutt Limb loss need not prevent those with metaphorical green thumbs from participating in activities they enjoy. Assistive devices and ideas for adapting equipment and environment ...continue.

Adaptive Sports Programs

Created 02/2017. This fact sheet focuses on nationwide, sport-specific resources that provide an overview of the adapted version of a particular sport; there may be leagues or teams located closer ...continue.

Advanced Exercises for People With Lower-Extremity Amputations

Senior Step – Volume 1, 2004 by Melissa Wolff-Burke, EdD, PT, ATC, and Elizabeth Cole, PT. The previous article discussed exercises to help you maintain the range of motion (ROM) ...continue.

Aging in Place, Gracefully, With Universal Design

Volume 15 · Issue 2 · March/April 2005 by Bill Dupes A man’s home is his castle; however, many seniors and people with disabilities may feel like prisoners in their ...continue.

Amputee Rehabilitation Video Series

This video series is designed to help patients during the recovery and rehabilitation process following the amputation of a limb. Each video highlights an important part of the recovery process, ...continue.

Amusement Park Accessibility

Created 04/2015 Although designed for fun and excitement, a trip to an amusement park can be challenging and frustrating for someone with limb loss. Each year, the Amputee Coalition’s National ...continue.

An Overview of Crutches

Volume 20 · Issue 2 · March/April 2010 by Madeleine Anderson Everyone who has been confronted with a lower-extremity amputation has had to make decisions regarding mobility options. Many amputees ...continue.

Aquatic Therapy is Serious Fun

Volume 18 · Issue 6 · September/October 2008 by Elan Young For some amputees, getting in the water is the single most important part of their rehabilitation and recovery. A ...continue.

Ask the Physiatrist

Volume 15 · Issue 5 · September/October 2005 by Terrence P. Sheehan, MD Physiatrists are physicians who specialize in the functional rehabilitation of people who are impaired secondary to limb ...continue.

Ask the Physical Therapist

Volume 20 · Issue 1 · January/February 2010 by Nicholas LaRaia, PT, DPT, NCS Contractures are the permanent or semi-permanent restriction of movement of soft tissues due to shortening and/or ...continue.

Ask The Podiatrist

Volume 15 · Issue 4 · July/August 2005 by Neil M. Scheffler, DPM, FACFAS Podiatrists are physicians specially trained in the care of the foot and ankle, including the diagnosis ...continue.

Bacterial Warfare

Volume 18 · Issue 1 · January/February 2008 by Élan Young Bacteria: A Dirty Word? Even though bacteria can only be seen with the aid of powerful microscopes, they surround ...continue.

Becoming Your Own Best Advocate

Jul/Aug 2010 by Élan Young Self-advocacy for any person with any medical need involves becoming informed about the medical choices available and effectively making the best choices for oneself based ...continue.

Before You Fall: Tips for Preventing Falls in the Home

Senior Step – Volume 1, 2004 Your home may be your haven, your castle, and your favorite place in the world. It can also be safe for you after your ...continue.

Being a Proactive Patient

Volume 15 · Issue 6 · November/December 2005 by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP Many situations require us to decide what we want and then figure out how to get ...continue.

Body Mechanics

Volume 19 · Issue 6 · October 2009 This article was excerpted from The Comfort of Home: A Complete Guide for Caregiver Body mechanics involves standing and moving one’s body ...continue.

Can We Prevent Most Amputations? The Amputee Coalition says “Yes!”

Volume 20 · Issue 1 · January/February 2010 by Scott McNutt The mission of the Amputee Coalition is to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss to ...continue.

Cardiovascular Exercise For Amputees

Volume 23, Issue 5 September/October 2013 by Cindy Asch-Martin Cardiovascular exercise still seems to be a dreaded activity for many people; however, its benefits include strengthening your heart, reducing body ...continue.

Care of Your Wounds After Amputation Surgery

Download PDFby Paddy Rossbach, RNDepending on the reason for your amputation and the state of your limb at the time of surgery, definitive closure of the wound may take place ...continue.

Charcot Neuropathic Arthropathy

Volume 12 · Issue 1 · January/February 2002 by Mihir M. Jani, MD, and Jeffrey E. Johnson, MD Charcot neuropathic arthropathy is a progressive destruction of bone and joints, which ...continue.