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prosthetist-finder-logoLooking for a new prosthetist?

Finding a prosthetist that fits your needs is easier than you think. Click here to use the newest tool that we have added to our toolbag – the Prosthetist Finder.

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Limb Loss Questions?

Whether you or someone you know are living with limb loss, our trained resource specialists can guide you to information and resources to help you lead a full life. Call 888 / 267 – 5669 for this free service

Ask an Information Specialist
Browse Resources by Topic,
Browse Resources by Amputation Level
Prosthetist Finder

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Connect with Another Amputee?

You are not alone, and talking to someone living with limb loss or limb difference helps play a vital role in living an empowered life. Connect with support groups, certified peer visitors, or social media sites below

Request a Peer Visit
Find a Support Group
View Support Group Meetings
Visit us on Facebook

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Get in the Know

Conference Scholarships

[vc_row padding_top="0px" padding_bottom="0px"][vc_column fade_animation_offset="45px"]Apply by April 17th for one of our Bridge to Ability Scholarships, created to help people come ... Read More

Contact Congress About ACA Coverage

Make sure pre-existing conditions remain a thing of the past and AMPLIFY your voice ... Read More

A new First Step publication is here!

It is full of updated, timely information about limb loss and what to expect in the first year. For a ... Read More

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In the News

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