Objective Measurements of Socket Prosthetics to Improve Comfort and Performance

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Study Location
Pittsburgh, PA

Research Objective
This study aims to quantitatively evaluate the impact of socket fit on comfort and function in individuals with transfemoral amputations. Through this study we aim to achieve a greater understanding of what socket characteristics influence mechanical factors (i.e. skin strain, residual femur motion, socket pressure) and full body kinematics and kinetics. Furthermore, we intend to understand how these factors are associated with patients’ perceptions about their prosthetic sockets. With this information, we aim to streamline the socket design process and help individuals with limb loss and limb difference find a prosthesis that fits their needs more quickly and efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Unilateral Transfemoral Amputation (Above-Knee)
  • Must be between 18-80 years of age
  • Must weigh less than 125kg (275 lbs.)
  • Must utilize a conventional socket for ambulation for at least 1 year
  • Must be able to walk without an assistive device (cane, walker, etc.)


  • Up to $300 (CT scan $50, ultrasound $50, lab testing $100 per session)
  • $10 parking available if needed
  • $25 provided if participant is determined to be ineligible after the in-person screening

Enrollment Closes
September 14, 2024

Time Commitment

  • 2 visits (4-hours each)
  • 1 CT scan and 1 ultrasound appointment (30 minutes each)

Contact Person
Shelly Barbosa | Email: biodynamics@pitt.edu

How to Participate
If you wish to enroll in this study please contact us by calling 412-713-1602 or email: biodynamics@pitt.edu. Learn more about this study by visiting our website: https://bdl.pitt.edu/