LIMBER UniLeg: Rapid, on-demand, and scaled-up manufacturing of customized transtibial prosthetic legs for amputees

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Study Location
UCSD – San Diego, CA

Research Objectives
The study aims to compare mobility between UniLeg and traditional prostheses. Primary objectives involve walking distance and walking speed. Secondary objectives focus on assessing quality of care, including comfort, balance, and gait symmetry. Physical activity will be monitored for two weeks using an Actigraph accelerometer. Tertiary objectives aim to compare clinical outcomes, including pain reduction and improvements in health-related quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria
Participants must provide informed consent, demonstrate willingness to comply with study procedures, and be available for its duration. Additionally, eligible participants

  • Must be between 18 to 65 years of age
  • Must be in good general health
  • Must be of non-diabetic status
  • Must not exceed 125kg (275 lbs) of body weight
  • Must have a unilateral transtibial (below-knee) amputation for at least 1 year
  • Must currently use a prosthetic device that does not have sensors or motors,
  • Must reside within 50 miles of the testing site (at UCSD)
  • Must have sufficient sensation in the residual limb

Compensation Details

  • Participants will recieve up to $275 for completing the study.
  • Participants will receive $75 for each of the first 3 visits and $50 for the final visit

Enrollment Closes
June 1, 2025

Time Commitment

  • Visit 1: Screening and baseline assessments (3 hours)
  • Visit 2: Fitting the LIMBER UniLeg (2 hours)
  • Visit 3: Repeat assessments (1 hour)
  • Visit 4: Final assessments (1 hour)

We will conduct weekly phone calls between visit 2, 3, and 4 to ensure the LIMBER prosthetic device is functioning properly and address any questions or concerns.

Contact Person
David Wing | Email: | Phone: 858-534-9315

How to Participate
Visit to learn how to enroll in this research opportunity or contact David Wing by email or phone. See our Recruitment Flyer for more information.