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Employment Resources

Updated 5/2020 - There are several programs and organizations available to assist individuals with disabilities in job training, résumé writing and employment searches. Some organizations also provide information about on-the-job ...continue.

Fighting Water Retention

Volume 23, Issue 3 May/June 2013 - by Chris Weintrob - Feeling swollen, bloated and downright puffy?Socket too tight? You’re not alone. The good news is there are simple remedies ...continue.

Financial Assistance for Prosthetic Services, Durable Medical Equipment, and Other Assistive Devices

Updated 01/2017 - Some of the questions most frequently asked by amputees relate to the payment coverage for the costs of prosthetic fitting and associated services, and durable medical equipment ...continue.

Financial Assistance for the Amputee Coalition National Conference

Updated 01/2017 - The Amputee Coalition understands that budgeting to attend the National Conference is a challenge for many. We have put together some tips on how you might secure ...continue.

Finding an Active Lifestyle Fit for You

Published 5/2019 - In this Webinar, personal trainers who are amputees help you find out what you should look for if you want to start an exercise plan, join a ...continue.

Free and Low-Cost Healthcare Resources

There are 140 healthcare facilities nationwide that may be a resource for you. Check out some of the details related to free and reduced-cost healthcare choices for you. ...continue.

Getting Appropriate Physical Therapy

Volume 19 · Issue 3 · May/June 2009 - by Scott Waite, MPT - Appropriate physical therapy is crucial to both the physical and emotional lives of people who must ...continue.

Getting Behind the Wheel with Limb Loss and Limb Difference

Created 12/2020 - Hitting the open road is about as American as apple pie, baseball, and summer family cookouts. The United States is known for having a robust and vibrant ...continue.

Global Resources for People with Limb Loss & Limb Difference

Updated 9/2021 - The Amputee Coalition provides the following list for amputees within and outside of the United States who are seeking assistance and information related to limb loss. ...continue.

Having a Baby

Volume 13 · Issue 5 · September/October 2003 - by Sarah Pedersen - “When I went through my first pregnancy 20 years ago,” recalls Diane Thomas, her voice soft and ...continue.

Home and Community-Based Services

Created 8/2021 - Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) are types of person-centered care delivered in the home and in the community. HCBS programs address the needs of people with functional ...continue.

How to Ride a Motorcycle With Parts Missing (on you, not the bike)

Volume 16 · Issue 3 · May/June 2006 - by Jeffrey J. Cain, MD - You’ve seen them cruising down a winding highway, heard the roar of pipes on the ...continue.

How to talk about chronic pain

Published 12/6/2018 - It can be difficult to describe symptoms of pain to a medical provider. This video can help you share your experiences with a medical professional so that ...continue.

Identifying and Managing Skin Issues With Lower-Limb Prosthetic Use

Volume 21, Issue 1 January/February 2011 - by M. Jason Highsmith, DPT, CP, FAAOP, James T. Highsmith, MD, and Jason T. Kahle, CPO - Fitting a prosthesis is complicated because ...continue.

Introductory Amputee Care For Lower Limb Amputees

Published 4/26/2015 - Narrated by Paddy Rossbach, RN, former President and CEO - these video demonstrations are to help you learn to manage after a lower extremity amputation. They are ...continue.