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KalleyMy name is Kalley Stevens, and Amp Camp was a lot of firsts for me. First time away from home. First time on a plane. First time seeing older girls embrace their limb differences.

I was heading into middle school when I was accepted to the Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp for the first time in 2012. I had become aware of how people treated me differently. This created low self-esteem because my lower leg amputation made me different.

Prior to attending camp, I would never wear shorts – even on the hottest days. After camp, I know when people look or ask questions, it is an opportunity to teach them and feel better about myself. I don’t let how other people view me get in the way of how I live my life. Amp Camp made that possible for me.

The Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp – or Amp Camp as it is affectionately known – went virtual this year. From July 6th-11th, over a hundred amazing kids were still able to connect, share, and support each other. Generous individuals, like you, donated to make sure we could send supplies to every camper, and implement the virtual platforms necessary to connect us.

Because Amp Camp really is about building a network of individuals dealing with the same challenges as you. A network that you rely on beyond the one week at camp. A network that becomes like family.

While the Great Amp Camp Staycation of 2020 is done, the Amputee Coalition staff is already hard at work on the 2021 camp. With hopes that we can resume our in-person experience for all the deserving kids.

I am asking you to make a donation – no matter the size – to support next year’s camp.

Your gift will impact the lives of so many young people, myself included. You help bring us together and develop life changing relationships that make us strong amputee community members.