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Where can you turn when you have questions about limb loss?  Here at the resource center we provide comprehensive information and resources free of charge.  All of the information that we provide is reviewed by the Coalition’s medical/scientific advisory committee of experts in the field of limb loss so you can count on the accuracy of the information.

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Our knowledgeable resource team is the place to turn when you have questions about your rights, resources, etc. You can reach them by phone 888/267-5669 or by completing our secure online form.

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The Art of Happiness After Loss

Psychologist Roberta Cone, PsyD, who serves on the Amputee Coalition’s Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee (SciMAC), participated in an audio interview for a telesummit titled “The Art of Happiness After Loss,” featuring experts who shared tips on how to find happiness and joy after loss. To hear her interview, please click here.

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