Christina Skoski, M.D., Scholarship

2021-2022 Application

The deadline for submitting the application for this scholarship is June 12, 2021, at 11:59pm ET.

For the school year, this fund will provide a $1,000 scholarship to a full-time undergraduate student who has a congenital limb difference or an acquired amputation.

Applicants apply online and must also submit a complete official high school/college transcript, documentation of ACT and/or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement from the applicant.

The entire award is made in one payment to the student’s higher education institution upon verification of the student’s enrollment and full-time status.

Detailed application instructions are provided below.

Eligibility and Application Instructions

The Christina Skoski, M.D., Scholarship provides a holistic application approach. In the past, this scholarship has been awarded to those who show both high academic achievement and career direction related to working with the limb loss and limb difference community.

  • To be eligible, the student must have a congenital limb difference or an acquired amputation. 
  • To be eligible, the student must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and have a minimum ACT score of 28 and/or SAT score of 1300.
  • Documentation of the student’s GPA and test score(s) must be provided to the Amputee Coalition. 
  • To be eligible, you must attend college full-time in the upcoming fall semester. 
  • Instructions for applicant’s personal statement: Please write a personal statement that is typed, double-spaced, and no more than two pages in length. You must clearly address the following three questions:
    1. What are your reasons for attending college?
    2. What inspired you to select your particular course of study?
    3. What are your career goals?

For more information about the scholarship or the application, please contact the Amputee Coalition at 888/267-5669 or email our Senior Research and Education Specialist, Melanie Miller (