Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp

The Amputee Coalition’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp is a 6 day summer camp experience for ages 10-17 with limb differences or limb loss. A wide range of activities help campers challenge themselves on many levels, building independence and new friendships in a supportive, caring environment.

One parent said

“The benefits for my child were deep. I expected it to be fun, but I did NOT expect her to find out she is a leader, that she can help others and that she is not alone. In addition, she could really be herself for the first time since her illness and amputation- she was not able to “”hide”” behind her prosthetic and the real kid came out! It was life- changing actually!”

Support the Amputee Coalition’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp

The average cost to send a child to camp is $1,800. Since its beginning in 2000, the camp has hosted more than 790 campers! If you are interested in supporting camp, please click here to make a tax-deductible donation today!


Thank You, National Sponsors