Join the movement to inspire others to elevate! People living with limb loss or limb difference thrive in life by focusing on ways to elevate. Sponsored by the Amputee Coalition, the Inspire to Elevate campaign brings awareness to limb loss and limb difference through a series of national TV public service announcements and publications. Get involved today! 

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Be inspired by watching the #InspireToElevate PSAs!


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The Amputee Coalition is the only national nonprofit organization that serves all individuals who experience limb loss or limb difference. With the mission to support, educate, and advocate for people impacted by limb loss and limb difference, we are dedicated to ensuring that no one faces limb loss alone. We work to provide vital resources to people with limb loss and limb difference, as well as their families and caregivers. With these resources, they can recover, readjust, and live the life they most want to live.

Limb loss affects people of all backgrounds, all income levels, and all ages. More than 2.7 million people live with limb loss or limb difference in the United States. Hundreds of people lose a limb every day. By 2050, the number of amputees in the U.S. will nearly double. Amputee Coalition launched the Inspire to Elevate campaign April 2023 in celebration of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. The year-round initiative is designed to elevate awareness about the limb loss and limb difference community.

The purpose of this national awareness campaign is to increase public visibility and awareness for Amputee Coalition’s cause. The overall goal is to spread the word about our mission, vision, and values, explain why they matter, and show supporters how they can get involved.

The key messages in the national TV PSAs highlight:

  • Elevate Your Story. Tell people about your experience through our #WeTHRIVE campaign.
  • Elevate Your Voice. Learn to advocate on behalf of the community with legislators and others who can bring about change.
  • Elevate Your Community. Get involved and inspire others to get involved to make sure no amputee is alone.
  • Elevate Your Potential. Empower yourself to live your best life.

Learn more about the Amputee Coalition and how to get involved at



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Amputee Coalition Broadcasts #InspireToElevate National Television PSAs

(April 3, 2023, Washington, D.C.) The Amputee Coalition will broadcast a series of national television public service announcements (PSAs) to promote its new #InspireToElevate campaign starting April 2023. The year-round initiative raises awareness about limb loss and limb difference, which is becoming less uncommon every day. The series highlights three 30-second videos and two 15-second videos featuring prominent people living with limb loss and limb difference.

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Help promote the Inspire to Elevate campaign by sharing the television PSAs on social media using #InspireToElevate.


The Amputee Coalition’s powerful PSAs ignite the unyielding spirit of the limb loss and limb difference community, showcasing our unbreakable resilience. The highlighted stories demonstrate how we shatter limits, conquer challenges, and redefine the impossible, inspiring the world around us!

John Register, Board Chair, Amputee Coalition

The national PSAs speak volumes about where the organization is headed to create awareness across various professional disciplines. Timing is everything in business, releasing the PSAs during Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month represents one of our core values that we see you.

Dr. Alicia M. Straughter, Vice President of Human Resources, D&I, and the Youth Engagement Program, Amputee Coalition

One of the key tenets of the Amputee Coalition is “no amputee alone.” This means that the Amputee Coalition works to ensure that no amputee feels alone at any point in their journey with limb loss or limb difference.  These PSAs will help build awareness for all of the wonderful support and information available through the Amputee Coalition.

Seth McLaughlin, Amputee Coalition Board Member,  Founder & President, Springfield Advisors

Empowering individuals with limb loss and limb difference to prosper in their lives and pursuits is our purpose, our passion. Join the Amputee Coalition to celebrate Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness this April. Together we can #InspireToElevate all for full participation and engagement in our communities.

Justin Moore, Amputee Coalition Board Member; Chief Executive Officer, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)