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Living Free 23 Photos provided courtesy of Allison Taylor Photography. The statistics are impressive. In 2018, Limbs for Life gave a total of $666,500 in financial assistance to 232 amputees in need and distributed 420 prosthetic components in the United States and another 305 overseas. The organization also provided 1,475 additional services. Altogether, last year Limbs for Life served 2,432 amputees in 28 U.S. states and 23 countries across five continents. Shelley Dutton, Limbs for Life development director, says the big numbers are important, but the most meaningful stories are those of individual recipients who have returned to active life through financial assistance and donated prosthetic limbs and components. “We have so many funded clients who are living so well,” she says. “We love following the stories of people who move so quickly back into life