Crystal Chigbu, founder of The IREDE Foundation (Photo: CNN)

This woman is helping disabled children walk for the first time

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By Aisha Salaudeen and Earl Nurse, CNN | Updated 1251 GMT (2051 HKT) August 9, 2019 | Photo: Crystal Chigbu, founder of The IREDE Foundation(CNN)

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) Crystal Chigbu cried herself to sleep for many nights after giving birth to her daughter, Beulah, in 2009.

Doctors in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial center, had informed her that Beulah had been born with tibial hemimelia, a rare medical condition characterized by a missing or shortened tibia, or shinbone.

“We were told when she was six days old that we needed to amputate her right leg but we didn’t immediately. I cried a lot and went through the pain of ‘What will I tell people?’ and ‘Will she be able to go to school?'” Chigbu told CNN.

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