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Becoming an amputee has been the single most beneficial thing to have happened in my life, thus far. While it’s strange to say, I do honestly believe it. I was born with fibular hemimelia and so, at 16 months old, my parents opted to have my lower left leg amputated. I have grown up, for virtually my entire life, as a below-knee amputee. It has shaped everything in my world and has offered me a unique perspective. While undoubtedly there were challenges and pain that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I’m a better person for it. The lens through which I view world has been improved through my amputation and I’m truly grateful for second I have had it. I was lucky enough to share my story with several others via a TEDx talk. My hope is that those who may be struggling with limb loss see a light at the end of the tunnel and know it will work out. Thank you to the Amputee Coalition for the ability to share my story.