Upper-Limb Session Track at Amputee Coalition 2015 National Conference

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We are excited to offer nine sessions focusing on the unique needs of individuals with upper-limb loss. This session track features a mix of hands-on workshops and presentations and group interaction presented by leading experts and knowledgeable consumers. Please join us and bring your questions! You can email Sarah Hoover at shoover@amputee-coalition.org with your suggestions for specific topics or questions to be discussed at these sessions.

Thursday, July 23:
Social and Emotional Dimensions of Living With Upper-Limb Loss/Difference
Managing Secondary Conditions for Upper-Limb Loss
Emerging Technology for Upper-Limb Prosthetics

Friday, July 24:
Fact or Fiction: What Are the Real Functional Differences Between Various Myoelectric Hands and Hooks?
Gardening and Working Around the Home: An Upper-Limb Loss Workshop

Saturday, July 25:
Upper-Limb Tips and Tricks
Use and Outcomes Impact of a Prosthesis Simulator in Upper-Limb Prosthetic Training
Cooking With Upper-Limb Loss
Parenting With Upper-Limb Loss