ULTA Beauty Makes Disability Matter

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By Meg O’Connell | 8/30/2019 | Global Disability Inclusion

Recently I saw a Facebook message from a mom whose young daughter is a wheelchair user. The post included a photo of her daughter looking at a window ad of a beautiful model who is also a wheelchair user, as they entered their local ULTA store. The mom’s message read:

“Well, Ulta Beauty, you absolutely stopped my girl in her tracks this evening. It was mesmerizing to watch her stop, turn, and gaze at this poster. So thank you. ❤ “

Not surprisingly, the Facebook post went viral. The photo and the mom’s remarks truly capture the essence of what we say often: Representation Matters.

This simple experience for the young girl and her mom–everyday people doing everyday things–has profound and lasting effects, and shapes behavior over time.

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Featured Image: GDI Brand Ambassador Shaholly Ayers and fellow Camp Counselors